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Дата публикации: 09.08.2021

Your successful journey of Gestational Surrogacy is waiting for you in ADONIS clinics of International Surrogacy. The best memories and long-awaited results - we ensure the high level of comfort for every client.

The infertility treatment is a very complex process with a lot of subtleties, which are effectively carried out by the ADONIS skilled staff.

If you have been thinking about ADONIS Surrogacy for a long period, there are some aspects that can persuade you completely:

  • Ensured genetic connection for intended parents in case of Surrogacy

Ukrainian legislation provides for the obligatory genetic relation between the baby and intended parents (at least one of them) in case of Surrogacy infertility treatment. The full range of rights and support for ADONIS clients. Parental rights are given to the intended parents from the very beginning of the process, the Surrogate only carries a baby (with no direct genetic connection with him/her).

  • Close involvement at each stage of the Surrogate process 

Surrogacy provides the opportunity for the intended parents to be involved in the process. Personal selection and communication with the Surrogate mother, doctor’s appointments attendance, personal presence at childbirth. It’s the best way to be engaged and to be close to your future baby during the whole carrying period. It is also a good gradual transition for the intended parents when a baby is born.

  • Surrogate selection from the proven source

ADONIS 'own Surrogate base provides a wide list of candidates, which are totally healthy (physically, mentally, psychologically) for your total safety and insurance. Several steps of examinations in ADONIS own laboratory ensure the best Gestational carrier for your future baby.

Individual selection is included for the intended parents.

  • Facilitation of the legal side of the process

The legal side of the process is well-regulated for both sides - intended parents and Surrogate - by Ukrainian legislation. Years of cooperation with Government services help ADONIS to ensure the safest conditions including documents regulation, agreements signing and many other details. ADONIS 'own Legal Department will help you enjoy the beautiful moment of parenting without thinking about the bureaucracy.

Individual care and approach

According to the client’s fertility problems, ADONIS specialists provide the personal consultation and select the individually adapted treatment plan in compliance with diagnosis and examination results, case history, personal requests and wishes.

There several Gestational Surrogacy options available in ADONIS:

  • egg + sperm (genetic material of the intended parents in both variants)
  • egg of intended parent + sperm of donor (in case when partner has no possibility to provide sperm cells)
  • sperm of intended parents + egg of donor (in case when partner has no possibility to provide egg cells)

In the list of worldwide Surrogacy agencies, ADONIS takes the leading place according to the quality of treatment, affordability of prices (they are essentially lower than of USA or Canadian Surrogacy) and personal approach to each client. We are the real specialists of the infertility treatment field that take care about successful results.

ADONIS International Surrogacy - the best benefits from the latest technologies for your happiness and babies birth.

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